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Grafting and Pruning Knives

Discover Due Buoi Agriculture wide range of grafting and budding knives. Grafting and budding knives with heat treated carbon steel or N690 Böhler stainless steel blade, with handle made in black technical polymer, wood or buffalo horn to ensure perfect stability, grip and durability with an eye to aesthetics.

Our knives are built to provide excellent cut penetration and long lasting cutting performance on different types of trees and plants: rosebushes, vineyard and fruit trees in general, as well as for air layering.

Superior Quality Steel blades

Quality is guaranteed by Due Buoi, leading Italian knife-maker since 1884 and tree trimming tools manufacturer. Thanks to our extensive experience in knife-making, we are able to select only the best materials, such as the N690 Bohler stainless steel, particularly suitable for cutting tools manufacturing due to the hardness and excellent blade edge retention, therefore particularly suitable for obtaining grafting and budding knives that are durable and resistant to repeated use over time.

The choice of materials and the impeccable construction features make these knives small pieces of exquisite craftsmanship. An essential tool in the kit of every master pruner and an heirloom to pass on to future generations. 

Left-handed grafting knives

Some things may be more difficult for lefties, but pruning and grafting doesn’t have to be one of those. For our left-handed customers we have a wide range of left handed grafting knives, made with the same quality in materials and build of all our products.

How to tell if a grafting knife is for Left or Right-Handed users? Just look at the bevel on the blade while holding the knife handle down and blade up, with the cutting edge facing you: if the bevel is on the left of the blade the knife is left-handed, if on the right side it’s right-handed. 

Grafting knives with bark lifter

Our range of grafting and budding knives also includes various types of robust and sharp grafting knives with fixed or foldable solid brass bark lifter to easily lift and open barks without damaging the plant. The bark lifter on the blade itself is thick enough to work on smaller diameter branches, while the brass bark lifter on the other side has more thickness to work best with larger trunks and thicker diameters. 

What is a Grafting Knife and how to use it

Grafting and budding knives, also known as budding knives, are knives specifically designed to perform cuts into tree branches and graft other plants or trees into them. They are small knives that feature thin and sharp blades that are beveled on one side, built to cut easily through wood and help the insertion of a new plant. Grafting is a horticulture technique used to join two different plants into one in order to reproduce plants and improve or modify plant characteristics.


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