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Cutting thick branches is no joke. That’s why it is worth investing in high-quality professional loppers. Due Buoi Agriculture range of loppers features sturdy and lightweight loppers for cutting tree branches that provide fast removal of dry and woody growth. 

Ideal also for preparatory cuts and cut-to-length work, Due Buoi limb loppers are designed and built for professional grade applications such as tree farming and fruit tree cultivation, because with their specific construction features cutting branches - even the thicker ones - becomes dramatically easy, allowing you to perform clean cuts and save time. 

The best loppers for large branches

Large branches require the right tool: with these anvil loppers pruning trees will be a piece of cake, thanks to their extra leverage and compound action power that let you effortlessly cut up to 2” branches. Ideal also for tree farmers who need solid professional trimming tools to cut well and fast.  

Anvil Vs. Bypass loppers

The most popular loppers on the market are predominantly of two kinds: anvil and bypass loppers. The main difference between the two types are that anvil loppers have a blade that closes against an anvil on the lower jaw, while the blade of bypass loppers sweeps PAST the lower jaw. Compared to bypass loppers, anvil loppers require less maintenance and suffer less from breakage problems, because the blade descends straight without possible twisting. That’s why Due Buoi Agriculture loppers are of the anvil type.

Choose the best pruning loppers on the market, choose Due Buoi loppers! Buy Online from our site to enjoy fast shipping and get the best loppers you can find. Contact us for any inquiry regarding our products and shipping policy.s.


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