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About Us

Since 1884

Due Buoi is an Italian family company founded in 1884.
The current owner is in the fourth generation and personally conducts the business with the help of competent staff in the office and in the production department.

The company is located at the foot of the Italian Carnic Alps and 100 km north-east of Venice. In the 9th century the Venetian Empire used the timber from our mountains to build Venice itself and the blades we made for its arsenals and ships. In fact, dating back to 1400, the first signs of industrial production in Maniago manifest themselves with the development of the first "Battiferri" (anvil) to produce articles for agriculture, axes, hatchets, chisels and swords. The DUE BUOI company was founded in 1884 in Maniago by Pietro Rosa, great-grandfather of the current owner, to produce agricultural tools.
From the very beginning, DUE BUOI started forging the metal at the old site located on the local torrent bed, to use the watercourse as the driving force to drive the various machines.
Today DUE BUOI carries out all the strategic processes for the production of quality blades: mold design and construction, knife molding, mechanical processing and heat treatments. We also make use of some selected artisans for some secondary processes.