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Sheep Shears

Sheep shears built with high quality hardened carbon steel with machine ground blades carefully secured with rivets. The scissors can be straight or curved with single or double spring

They are easy to use when shearing in confined, delicate areas and are also ideal for gardening and topiary.

In fact hand sheep shears are a versatile tool that can be used not only to shear sheep, but also to create works of topiary art. Topiary art consists of shaping plants with artistic forms, such as animals, geometric figures or characters. Manual sheep shears have sharp, and some models also a curved, blades that allow to cut with precision and ease the leaves and branches of the plants. Moreover, they are light and handy, which makes them suitable to work on irregular surfaces or in tight spaces. Manual sheep shears are therefore an ideal tool for those who want to express their creativity in gardening.

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